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Advisory Board

We have recently instituted an independent advisory board for USSP.
The board is made up of five diverse members, all with some experience with diversity, equity and inclusion. Members were selected so as to include at least one of each of the following
(1) a person who has previously participated in USSP as an instructor,
(2) a member of the paleoclimate community who may know about USSP but has not participated,
(3) a person distant from the community but still in the geosciences field, and
(4) a student who recently attended USSP. Term appointment is at least 3 years.

It is the highest priority of the Co-Directors and Advisory Board to ensure the safety of all participants in USSP. The role of the Advisory Board is as follows:

Advising co-directors on cases of misconduct and possible updates to the Code Of Conduct (COC) to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Advising co-directors on effective reporting mechanisms as well as on sanctions for those who break the COC.

Advising co-directors on recruiting a diverse, equitable and inclusive pool of instructors and students to USSP.

Advising co-directors on how to best develop and maintain a climate of inclusion and equity at USSP, including networking and social events.

Advising on the integration of DEI and career/community instruction and practices within the school structure.

Advising co-directors on actions needed to address annual anonymous feedback from students and any other forms of feedback received.

Providing input on pedagogical science directions, if needed.

Current members (October 2021)

Allix Baxter, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Mark Todd Clementz, University of Wyoming, USA

Claudia Jesus Rydin, European Research Council, Belgium

Mark Leckie, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Christina Ravelo, University of California Santa Cruz, USA